WordPress Training Content

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills, familiarity with web browsing, and a willingness to learn.

: Introduction to WordPress
– Introduction to WordPress: History, purpose, and popularity.
– Installation of WordPress: Locally and on a web server.
– Exploring the WordPress dashboard: Posts, pages, themes, plugins, and settings.

WordPress Basics
– Creating and editing posts and pages.
– Working with the visual editor and HTML editor.
– Understanding categories and tags.

Customizing WordPress Themes
– Introduction to WordPress themes.
– Choosing and installing themes.
– Customizing themes: Header, footer, and sidebar.
– Introduction to responsive design.

Plugins and Widgets
– Installing and configuring plugins.
– Understanding widgets.
– Recommended plugins for specific purposes (e.g., SEO, social media sharing).

User Management and Security
– Creating and managing user accounts.
– User roles and permissions.
– Basic security measures: Strong passwords, limiting login attempts.

Content Management and SEO
– Organizing content with categories and tags.
– SEO best practices for WordPress.
– Installing and configuring SEO plugins.

E-commerce with WooCommerce (Optional)
– Introduction to WooCommerce.
– Setting up an online store.
– Managing products, orders, and payments.

Advanced WordPress Features – Custom post types and taxonomies.
– Custom fields and metaboxes.
– Introduction to child themes.

Site Speed and Performance Optimization – Analyzing site performance.
– Caching and optimization plugins.
– Reducing image and media file sizes.

WordPress Security
– Advanced security measures: SSL certificates, two-factor authentication.
– Regular backups and restore procedures.
– Recommended security plugins.

Launching and Maintaining Your WordPress Website
– Preparing for website launch.
– Regular website maintenance and updates.
– Troubleshooting common issues.